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aynik icon1 Sci-Fi blockbuster All You Need is Kill starring Tom Cruise, Emily Blunt and Jonas Armstrong has been given the new title Edge of Tomorrow. Which does sound better. 😉

Warner Bros. released a full press release which you can read HERE

Important to know is that they’ve confirmed that they’ll be showing a preview footage of the film during the San Diego Comic-Con panel on Saturday 20 July! Really hope the preview will find it’s way on the official Warner Bros YouTube channel afterwards so all the fans can have a look.

I’ve the read the novel by Hiroshi Sakurazaka and it was a really enjoyable read with lots of humour and action. The time-loop was done really well, so looking forward to see how similar or different the movie will be.


ComicBookMovie posted some pictures of the costumes from Edge of Tomorrow. These are the army suits which Tom Cruise, Jonas Armstrong and Emily Blunt had to wear during the battle scenes with the Mimics. Looks very impressive and somewhat heavy! Know there was a lot of running involved wearing these suits…

edge of tomorrow costume