Bedtime Stories ( 2009 , Cbeebies )

By far one of the most fun and entertaining project Jonas has ever done in my opinion! 😀       A wonderful showcase of facial expressions mixed with his talent of doing voices and accents. If only Pixar would take notice ;p

Originally aired in mid-January 2009 and again in April 2009 (week of 14 April)

I’ve divided the gallery up into the 4 separate stories for easy access.



4 thoughts on “Bedtime Stories ( 2009 , Cbeebies )”

  1. I LOVE his bedtime stories he’s read, you are so right, Pixar should take notice 😉 xx

    • Apart from wishing Jonas would do a comedy, I’d really like him to do animation voice – acting!
      That or him doing an audio book recording =) He was really good doing the Tigers’ Tail for Robin Hood, so it’d be quite awesome if he could voice a novel, preferably a very lengthy one LOL.

      • Yeah, it would be good to see him in a comedy. I also enjoyed the audi book of The Tiger’ Tail, I thought his Gisborne voice was very impressive and I quite agree: his next voice work should be a lengthy project 🙂

  2. I agree, my boy loves the bedtime stories that are read on cbeebies. I find picture books are a great way for the parent to start reading to their child, as it provides a multi sensory stimuli for the child. This then will help them later on to read books. There are some great children’s classic bedtime books and stories, written by some of the greatest children’s authors in recent times which would be great to see being read on cbeebies.

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