Media & Interviews : Video

2006 – 2009 Archive

The video section of the archive has been divided by year of transmission of the TV interviews, trailers etc…to make it easier to follow the actual timeline. Disclaimer : Some of the videos originate from the now abandoned website. I hope the original uploaders won’t mind me sharing these with you. However if any of the members happens to stumble on this site and have a problem with any of the files, let me know and I’ll remove them!

As always no copyright infringement is intended in any way by sharing the following files! All video files remain the property of their respective owners.

2006 ( Robin Hood Season 1 )

2007 ( Robin Hood Season 2 )

2008 ( Robin Hood Season 3 filming , Book of Blood )

2009 ( Robin Hood Season 3 , The Street , Bedtime Stories )


Book of Blood trailer

Public Appearances

Empire Movie Awards 9 March 2008

Signing autographs , red carpet interview and presenting an award.

Jonas visits Linden Centre 19 March 2008

On set of Robin Hood Season 3

Robin Hood season 3 promo for Japan Summer 2008

Robin Hood season 3 interview for DigitalSpy Summer 2008


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