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Miss Marple : The Secret of Chimneys ( Tv Movie – 2010  ITV )

Movie genre

Crime Drama – Thriller


Director: John Strickland
Screenplay: Agatha Christie , Paul Rutman
Cast: Jonas Armstrong, Julia McKenzie, Ruth Jones, Matthew Horne, Dervla Kirwan, Charlotte Salt, Edward Fox, Stephen Dillane
Role: ‘Anthony Cade’

Filming Info

Filming ( October – November 2009 )
Location : UK ( Hatfield House, Hertfordshire  England )


A lavish weekend party sees Miss Marple accompany Lady Virginia Revel to her family home of Chimneys, a house which was once prized for its diplomatic gatherings until a rare diamond was stolen from the premises over twenty years ago. Virginia must decide by the end of the weekend whether to accept a marriage proposal from the tenacious career politician George Lomax  or to follow her heart and the courtship of another more adventurous suitor, Anthony Cade.

Throughout the course of the evening, a contract for the sale of the house is drawn up only for the purchaser to be found dead in a secret passageway within its walls. Chief Inspector Battle arrives from Scotland Yard to investigate, enlisting Miss Marple’s help. When the bones of a long dead servant are uncovered, Miss Marple begins to realise that the secret of Chimneys is darker than even she had realised.


It has to be said that most reviews were poor. I was myself very disappointed with the way they transferred the original story of the book into the screenplay. Apart from the names of the characters not much is left really 😦 If they had stuck with the original story we would have seen a LOT more of Jonas ‘ character ‘Anthony Cade’ since it was the main character of the novel! (I read the book) As I’ve watched every single Poirot and Miss Marple adaptation I did know what to expect. ‘Secret of Chimneys’ is enjoyable to watch but definitely not one of the best ever made in the series.

Jonas does his best with the small part he’s been given. I absolutely adore the accent he’s using as ‘Anthony’, somewhat quite posh 😀 He himself said doing Miss Marple was ok, but nothing special… It was however really good fun to see him reunited with Matthew Horne! Those two seem to keep bumping into each other lol First in Teachers , then Robin Hood series 2 & finally again in Miss Marple =) Also good to point out that Stephen Dillane from Twenty8K played the detective. Small world this acting business ;p

Review by the Guardian

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