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Rage of the Yeti ( Tv Movie – 2011 SyFy )

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Director: David Hewlett
Screenplay: Brooks Peck , Craig Engler
Cast: Jonas Armstrong , David Chokachi , Matthew Anderson , Yancy Butler
Role: ‘Bill’

Filming Info

Filming ( February – April 2010 )
Location : Sofia , Bulgaria


A quest for riches becomes a fight for survival after treasure hunters find snow monsters on a mountain in the Arctic.
I know,it’s a short synopsis but what did you expect when it has ‘Yeti’ in its title?! ;p


The press reviews were in one word awful 😦 So if you want to read them just google really. Then again it’s understandable: it’s a a low budget ‘horror’ ( more like a comedy farce ) tv movie made by the SyFy network. It’s purely made for Saturday night entertainment  and nothing more. Again the key was in the title, one cannot expect too much of a movie about Snow monkeys / a Yeti…

I suppose Jonas agreed to do this one in hope to get some sort of publicity in the USA. Otherwise it’s a real baffling choice to be honest, but let’s hope he did have some fun filming it (then again the cast & crew were stuck in a blizzard during first week of filming , so perhaps not…). SyFy by the way is available in lots of countries! Myself living in Belgium, also have SyFY through digital tv subscription.

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