Multi – Media

Welcome to the multi – media page! I know from experience this is always a popular category to browse in next to the gallery, so hope you’ll enjoy it! 😀

Disclaimer : Some files do originate from the now abandoned website I downloaded some files from the website back in 2006 – 2007. As one can no longer contact any of the original members, I hope they don’t mind me sharing some of the earliest Jonas Armstrong interviews. However if any of the members stumble on this site and have a problem with any of the files, get in touch and I’ll remove it asap!

As always no copyright infringement is intended in any way , shape or form.


Radio interviews from as early as 2006 , voice – over work , adverts ,…


Trailers , interviews to promote projects , public appearances or presenting jobs


Collection of interviews either via written press (scans) or digital media (online articles)


2 thoughts on “Multi – Media”

  1. I Love this blog. I can follow the career of Jonas and it is very exciting because from Robin Hood we don’t see anything in Spain. It’s a great moment for him and that makes me happy. Thanks a lot!

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