Media & Interviews : Audio

On these pages you’ll find a collection of interviews, trailers, youtube videos, audio – work, radio interviews, anything related to one of Jonas Armstrong’ s many projects through the years.

Disclaimer: No copyright infringement is intended in any way by providing either links or posting youtube videos. All material posted remains the property of their original owners!

Some of the audio files , in particular the radio interviews from 2006, originate from the now abandoned As one can no longer contact the original members, I hope it’s ok for me to share these earliest Jonas Armstrong interviews. If however a member of stumbles on this site and has a problem with it, please let me know asap and I’ll remove the offending links. All other files from 2009 onward were grabbed & converted into mp3s by myself. Youtube videos & links remain the responsibility of the uploaders.

 Audio & Voice – Overs

Collection of voice-over work

Yakety Yak website (download mp3)

Robin Hood Audio – Book (2009)

     The Tiger’s Tail – Robin Hood Series 3 (official Big Finish site)


Story 1   Story 2   Story 3   Story 4  (download mp3)

Radio Interviews


Jonas on Trent96 FM Radio Nottingham (2006) Jonas on Radio Nottingham (summer 2006) Jonas on BBC Radio 2 with Jonathan Ross (autumn 2006)


Jonas on BBC Radio 1 with Jo Whiley (5 October 2007)
Jonas on Radio Nottingham (8 December 2007)


Robin Hood promo

Jonas & Joanne on Radio Nottingham (1 April 2009)

The Street Promo

Jonas on BBC  Radio 5 Live (24 July 2009)

Adverts & Youtube Links

The majority of the ads can be heard on the Yakety Yak site, but it is nice to put the sound into context 🙂 Jonas Armstrong became the voice of Iceland Foods in 2011. Because he did so many I didn’t embed all the youtube vids, but you can easily click on the individual links.


Anti drug – driving campaign (August 2009)

The Beatles Rock Band XBox 360 (September 2009)

British Gas advert (November 2009)


Andrex – New CGI Puppy advert (December 2010)


Iceland Foods (May – November 2011)


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