All You Need is Kill – heading for Comic – Con?


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aynik icon1 As July is fast approaching it will be very interesting to find out what Warner.Bros has planned at Comic – Con 2013.

The yearly event takes place between the 18th & 21st of July in San Diego, and has always been a favourite place by TV  and film Studios alike to showcase what’s in store between late 2013 and 2014.

It will be up to Warner Bros. to decide if they’ll include All You Need is Kill (Tom Cruise, Jonas Armstrong, Emily Blunt) in their pictures’ panel. It would make sense to show a preview clip and trailer as the Sci-Fi / Action blockbuster fits the Comic – Con crowd. Also has to be said that the film is being highly anticipated by many Sci-Fi fans, and say what you will but Oblivion was a massive box office hit! I hope the change in release date from March to June 2014 won’t affect their decision.

You can expect more news, official confirmation of the schedules, guests and panels in June. As always with these type of events, the schedule is not set in stone so expect many tweaks right up to the dates!


Blog Updates – JAB videos on YT


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jonas t4 icon Would like to announce today the launch of the Blog’s very own YouTube channel

You’ll see the videos have been uploaded last week, and with some tweaks have now been fully approved so am now able to share these with you. 😀

You’ll see playlists for Hit & Miss, Twenty8k and Trailers archive (2010 – 2012). With time the idea is to keep adding videos related to each of the three upcoming projects Jonas has worked on. (The Whale, Walking with the Enemy, All You Need is Kill). So every time a project releases a trailer or there’s an interview, you’ll be able to find it on the channel. (if respective owners approve)

Hope you’ll enjoy!

Walking with the Enemy – little update


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walking iconAll updates, however small are a good thing in the case of Walking with the Enemy so this is just to let you know that the website main image has been updated! 😀

Check out

Let’s hope we’ll get a definitive release date soon, as articles keep on speculating. This time from the Budapest Times : mentioning it’s due to be released at the end of the year. Fingers crossed as that would mean the film could be eligible to enter the 2014 Award season instead of entering it in 2015.

Hit & Miss – German DVD release date


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hit-and-miss-icon Very good news for all fans of Jonas Armstrong & Chloë Sevigny in German speaking countries, as the DVD & Blu-Ray of Paul Abbott’s TV series Hit and Miss will be released on the 4th of June! 😀

You can pre-order at

No news as yet on a Benelux one I’m afraid, but then we always have to wait ages…will keep checking though.

The creators of Hit and Miss have a new exciting project in the pipeline called ‘No Offense’. A new eight-part comedy drama for Channel 4 with a brand new take on the police station environment and fighting crime in Manchester. Please check out the press release as it sounds truly fantastic! 😀 Got a feeling the cops and other characters will be even bolder than the formidable ‘Gene Hunt’ from Ashes to Ashes and Life on Mars 😉

Poldark – Potential new role?


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jonas t4 icon I thought I’d wait to post about new BBC series Poldark until casting was officially confirmed, but as the articles keeps on flooding  my google alert inbox…

So what is the news?

The BBC have decided to remake the 1970’s series Poldark for a new audience, based on the saga novels by Winston Graham set in late 18th century Cornwall.

From the BBC press release:

 Ross Poldark returns home from war, looking forward to a joyful reunion with his family and his beloved Elizabeth. Instead he discovers his father has died, his home is overrun by livestock and drunken servants, and Elizabeth, believing Ross dead, is engaged to his cousin. Ross must start from scratch, forging a completely new path for his life – one that takes him in exciting, unexpected and hazardous directions.

At this point the BBC and the production company Mammoth Screen (Endeavour, Parade’s End) are deciding who will play the lead Ross Poldark and several names keep on popping up: Eddie Redmayne, Matt Smith, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Jonas Armstrong, Colin Morgan,… So it’s like a battle between Robin Hood vs Merlin vs DoctorWho 😉

Now to be honest they are all fantastic talented actors but since all the other fanbases are trooping support for their ‘leading man’ wouldn’t be quite right if we didn’t as well. So let’s keep our fingers crossed for Jonas to get the part! 😀

I know Jonas just wrapped on The Whale, a non – fiction story set in 1820’s. But it would be fantastic so see him play in a historical drama again. I’m not familiar with Poldark but from the synopsis it reads like the Count of Monte Christo (could be entirely wrong!) not sure if revenge is involved at all but the romance aspect of it is very similar.

Anyways we’ll probably have to wait a bit longer to know the what, where and when and most importantly who?

The Whale – Filming has wrapped


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jonas t4 icon It’s a wrap for BBC TV drama The Whale as they finish filming in Malta today. Hope everyone has had a blast working on this project! 😀

The Whale starring Jonas Armstrong as Owen Chase, Adam Rayner (Captain Pollard) , Charles Furness (Thomas Nickerson ) and Jassa  Ahluwalia (Owen Coffin) will air on BBC One and on the Discovery Channel (USA) later this year!

Walking with the Enemy – US Screening starts today


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walking icon From today and for the upcoming two weeks, cinema goers near Minneapolis will have the chance to see an advanced screening of Walking with the Enemy starring Jonas Armstrong and Ben Kingsley at the Main Street Theatre!

The full schedule (times & dates) have now been added so if you live nearby: Go Go Go! 😀

If you’d like to learn more, do read this article from the local news as they’re very pleased they got the opportunity to host the advanced screenings and they added a lovely new poster image as well.

The Facebook page of Walking with the Enemy updated us with a brand new poster and guess you can all see it says: 2014 as release date. So again if you can grab a chance to view it at an advanced screening, don’t hesitate!

Walking with the Enemy screeningWalking with the Enemy poster

All You Need is Kill – Release date pushed back


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aynik icon1According to reports: Warner Bros. decided to push back the release date of All You Need is Kill from March to the 6th of June 2014. (perhaps 30th of May depending where you live)

The Sci -Fi epic action blockbuster starring Tom Cruise, Emily Blunt and Jonas Armstrong will now be added to the summer schedule which is rather cool! 😀

Though it has to be said, Warner Bros. does make a habit of changing release dates…I’m sure fellow Harry Potter fans will know what I’m on about. 😉

I just hope this doesn’t mean we’ve to wait 3 months longer to get the first stills or any other promo material, or why not a confirmation & info on Jonas Armstrong’s character name ‘Skinner’? Ahem yeah that last one would be a good start. It’s just that when you check in on imdb, you actually get names and ranks of the extras, instead of some of the main actors which is a bit annoying.

Hit & Miss – Premieres in Germany


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hit-and-miss-icon Great news for all German Jonas Armstrong & Chloë Sevigny fans as the series Hit and Miss will start to air in Germany on Tuesday the 14th of May! 😀

Hit and Miss will be televised on RTL Crime at 20.15 pm.

And with added bonus RTL made a Hit & Miss minisite for you all to enjoy including synopsis, stills and character info.

If you’d like more cast interviews, stills, screen caps or soundtrack information, don’t hesitate to check out the essential info post!

Reminder: if you happen to be like in Belgium’s situation, in a country where the series has just finished and you really liked the show – please let the creators @AbbottVision know! 😀

The Whale – On set visit in Malta


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jonas t4 icon I think it was quite well known that Malta and its islands has been used as an ideal filming location for multiple historic or sea-swashbuckling movies and TV series.

In order to promote the Island even more, yesterday one of its Ministers visited the set of BBC’s The Whale which stars Jonas Armstrong as Owen Chase, to chat with the cast & crew and ask how it was all going. 😀

You can watch a VIDEO of the visit here:(not in English)

The Whale cast & crew

Text version of what is being implied:


The Whale is the real story that inspired the classic novel Moby Dick, and is one of history’s greatest stories of survival at sea. The film follows the ill-fated voyage of The Essex through the eyes of the cabin boy Thomas Nickerson who, at 14, was the youngest member of the crew and one of only eight survivors of the shipwreck.

This is an action-packed narrative in which against all odds Nickerson comes through the worst that nature can throw at him, growing up fast in the process. He faces the destructive force of sea-storms, the power of whales, the brutal desolation of the sun and sea after the shipwreck, and finally the grim realities of cannibalism as his only means of survival.

At its emotional heart is Nickerson’s coming-of-age, where, as an orphan, he is confronted by three powerful male role models – the captain, the first mate, and a black steward. As our narrative develops his views on what makes a man switches dramatically as he sees how these role model respond under some of life’s most extreme pressures.

The Producers: “Throughout we explore some universal themes – What is Man’s place on Earth? How does humanity relate to the planet and its creatures? And what lengths will Man go to in order to survive. Woven within our story is a vivid depiction of the 19th century whaling industry, its importance to the world in an age before petroleum, the reality of its economics and operation, and the life and society of the sperm whale itself, one of the ocean’s greatest creatures” 

– This is very good as was hoping like I wrote in my article about whaling (Room for Debate?) that they’d focus on the history of the industry so that we can put this into the larger context. Fingers crossed Discovery will do a piece about modern whaling today to open up the debate!