The Fangirl Corner ;p

As the title suggests this little corner of the gallery is based on what we really like about Jonas 😀  As many of you, who have seen his other projects before or after ‘Robin Hood’, may have noticed : Jonas does tend to add his own little personality traits into his performances, and they are all very endearing =) So posting the screen caps & pics of these mannerisms are not to make fun of Jonas! But quite the opposite as again it’s all part of what makes Jonas well Jonas =) And yes I admit there will be some caps full of shallowness on my part! LOL

As The Fangirl Corner keeps growing, thought of doing an index 😀

The Fangirl Corner – Page 1 :

  • *Forming Half-a-Plan…
  • *Sheriff – Got your tongue?
  • *The Pen is mightier than the Sword
  • *Why is a Raven like a writing desk?

The Fangirl Corner – Page 2:

  • *The Bare Essentials—Phwoar! ;p
  • *Why do you keep calling me Calvin?

The Fangirl Corner – Page 3:

  • *A Secret smile…
  • *Clothes make the man


Forming Half -a -Plan…

When the plot calls for one of his characters to be deep in thoughts, thinking or focused then Jonas tends not to screw up his eyes or anything like that.. Oh NO he does something much more endearing : chewing on his fingers =) In chronological filming order: Ghost Squad, Robin Hood, Rage of the Yeti, The Field of Blood, The Body Farm , Prisoners’ Wives.

And in ‘real life’ (well during interviews!) ;p

Sheriff — Got your Tongue?

Ahem I’m sure everyone must have noticed the so called – tongue shots before? ;p It’s impossible to find any projects Jonas has done or any interview with him for that matter, without a tongue-shot lol. It’s especially cute to see how many times he licks his lips in an interview, the more nervous he is…awww bless! =)

A small selection here as again I could fill an entire gallery full of these ;p

The TV interviews =)

The pen is mightier than the sword

I don’t know if you also happen to notice this, but give Jonas a pen, ballpoint etc and he might just end up biting on it =)

Why is a raven like a writing desk?

This is another quirky little Jonas trait, found by a friend of mine =)  Jonas seems to prefer a certain position to hold himself near a desk. First noticed in Teachers (2004) and again in Robin Hood (2008) and very recently in The Body Farm (2011).


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