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The bare essentials…Phwoar! ;p

Ok let’s be honest, Jonas is a very good looking guy 😀 So I for one never complain when the directors go for a gratuitous shot of his bare chest / torso or back ;p Without a doubt I bet this will be a popular section of the fangirl corner LOL

I do think most of us know that Jonas spent 80% of Book of Blood without any clothes on. So I appreciate some of you hope for screen caps of uhm…certain scenes ;p But honestly you can find them via google or better yet, just buy the dvd! I wish to keep the site view-able to all and if I start posting certain BoB caps I’ll have to up my wordpress rating to mature, which this site is NOT about! Hope you understand so on with the caps… 😀

From Teachers, Losing Gemma, Robin Hood, Book of Blood, The Street & The Field of Blood. (I deliberately did not post Ghost Squad as even Jonas admitted he was a bit too skinny during that time)

Why do you keep calling me Calvin?

Must absolutely thank my friend Rieke (admin of Ja.De) for this as she was the one who noticed the ‘blooper’ in Robin Hood in first place! 😀 Which blooper you may ask: well look at the cap from Robin Hood series 2 episode 3, Robs is wearing Calvin Klein boxer shorts very posh indeed, young Lord Locksley! ;p ROTFLOL

It’s a bit of an ode to ‘Back to the Future’ in  a sense that Jonas does seem quite fond of his CK’s boxer shorts as he also likely is wearing them in Losing Gemma and  there’s a glimpse of some black ones in The Field of Blood.

Also during series 1, back in 2006 everyone was talking about ‘bum-laces’ like there was no tomorrow! I know , I know all very silly indeed but ehy it’s the fangirl corner so we’re allowed to be a bit silly ;p  Notice the same material – similar colour of his trousers from Robin Hood series 1 & in The Field of Blood =)

Same side notes about Book of Blood applies here too, the caps are just not appropriate for all ages. But hope you enjoy the rest all the same!


3 thoughts on “The Fangirl Corner – Page 2”

  1. Wowee!!! Thank you Nikki,those pics are GREAT to say the least.*sigh* Jonas is so dreamy. 😀

  2. I adore him, IV got him as my phone screen saver! Need to see more of him on TV!

  3. Never noticed the Calvin Klein boxers haha! Love this page 😀

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