The Fangirl Corner – Page 3

The Fangirl Corner – Page 1
The Fangirl Corner – Page 2

A secret smile…

One can’t help but notice Jonas’s charming cheeky smile 😀 He definitely made a trademark of it during the Robin Hood years lol. However if you take care to look at the caps of all his projects, one can conclude it’s most definitely a natural smile not a fake acting smile (you know the ones I mean!). Naturally some fitted the story, but a lot of them seem to occur spontaneously or just when you hit the pause button at the right time =)

Clothes make the man

I’m sure many of you have noticed that Jonas likes to wear his own clothes in the projects he does. Not only that he even wears them more than once! 😀 Must be nice for the budgets to have an actor like that on board lol (eg Ghost Squad – Losing Gemma / Miss Marple)

Also notice that Jonas has a preference when it comes to colour choices: olive greens, greys and blues seems to be the ones he always goes for =) And dare I mention the white sneakers? lol



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