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Losing gemma ( TV Movie – 2006  ITV )

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Episode 1: (air – date 18 December 2006)
Episode 2: (air – date 19 December 2006)


Director: Maurice Philips
Screenplay: Robert Murphy
Cast: Jonas Armstrong, Alice Eve, Jason Flemyng, Rachel Leskovac
Role: ‘Steve’

Filming info

Filming: January – March 2006
Location: India ( Delhi, Agra, Gurgaon and Goa )


A dream holiday to India becomes a nightmare in this thrilling two-part drama, based on the best selling book by Katy Gardner. Unlikely travel partners Esther and Gemma are thrown together when their mutual friend has an accident on the eve of their trip to India. Needy Gemma is befriended by an exotic couple and persuades a reluctant Esther to join them on their travels. Events spiral out of control when Gemma disappears and Esther is accused of murder.


The reviews weren’t very kind in general and it barely scores a 5.2/10 on IMDB. To be honest it isn’t worthy of a much better rating simply due to the fact that the character of ‘Gemma’ will cause you a migraine after 5 minutes of watching Oo

Thankfully she does get ‘lost’ LOL ! ;p So in the second episode of the mini-series we are spared her appearance for 90% of it, thankfully replaced by the very handsome ‘Steve’ played by Jonas Armstrong. For some reason unknown to all of us, Steve seems to be genuinely in love with annoying Gemma. So when she disappears he comes over to India to help find her with Esther. Now Esther is the complete opposite of Gemma, and much praise goes to Alice Eve for doing a great acting job, together with Jonas to save the film from disaster really.

Jonas filmed this after Ghost Squad and right before he started filming Robin Hood.   Jonas does bring in some ‘Pete from Ghost Squad’ quality to the role when Steve and Esther goes investigating. ( he even borrows a shirt or two =) see the fangirl corner lol ) But that is where the similarities stops as the plot goes a bit bonkers near the end. As the story progresses you really rather like the idea of Esther and Steve as a couple (they even have a fling together). But rather very strangely he stills goes back to obnoxious manipulative Gemma (yes sadly she’s found!) and you are left shouting WHY?! at the TV screen once the credits starts rolling…

In a nutshell, nothing wrong with Jonas Armstrong’s performance in this TV movie, but not even Robin Hood or any other hero could have saved the messy plot and unsatisfying ending.


Jonas found out he got the part of ‘Robin Hood’ while filming Losing Gemma in India.

The character of Zac was played by Jason Flemyng who also appeared in an episode of Ghost Squad.

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