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The Field of Blood ( Series 1 , 2011 BBC )


Crime Drama / Thriller

Series & episodes

Series 1 , Episode 1 (air – date: 8 May 2011 BBC One Scotland)
Series 1 , Episode 2 (air – date: 9 May 2011 BBC One Scotland)


Director: David Kane
Screenplay: Denise Mina, David Kane
Cast: Jonas Armstrong, Peter Capaldi, David Morrissey, Jayd Johnson
Role: ‘Terry Hewitt’

Filming info

Filming: October –  November 2010
Location: Glasgow (Scotland)


David Morrissey, Peter Capaldi, Jonas Armstrong and Jayd Johnson star in The Field of Blood, a dark and compelling crime thriller, adapted from the best-selling novel by Denise Mina. Written and directed by David Kane, the crime drama is set in 1982 and centres on would-be journalist Paddy Meehan (Jayd Johnson), a young copygirl working in a Glasgow newspaper office.

Stuck in an almost exclusively male-dominated world of limited opportunities and cynicism, Paddy dreams of becoming an investigative journalist, believing that in miscarriages of justice, reporters are sometimes the only hope. Paddy seizes an opportunity to kick-start her career and becomes embroiled in a dark murder case. For the ambitious Paddy, it’s the opportunity of a lifetime, but it comes at a great personal cost.

Terry is 26 years old and a journalist at the Daily News newspaper in Glasgow. He is bright, resourceful and together – a young reporter who is definitely on the way up. What he needs is the story that will make his name. After an initial misstep he becomes one of the few people in the newsroom who believes in Paddy. Terry is prepared to back Paddy’s instincts as they break the rules to prove that the police are wrong about a recent child murder.

Reviews & Awards

You’ll notice I added lots of links to reviews and online articles about The Field of Blood , because the series was so well received! 😀  They all agreed that the performances by the cast were absolutely fantastic and that the story was very well told! Also a good point to mention is that there’s a general disappointment towards the BBC for not scheduling the series in prime time. Scotland showed it first in May but sadly they decided to show it on BBC One on a Sunday & Monday at 22.35 pm later in August. Most reviewers found this a real shame as the series deserved more!

And they were proved right as the series was nominated for several awards at the Scottish BAFTAS and Jayd Johnson won for best actress! =)

I read the book first in anticipation of the series , and found that the screenplay was true to the original story. Just as in the book, Jonas’s character Terry doesn’t make a real appearance or seems like a character of great importance during the first hour (or episode). Actually when i read the book I wasn’t sure if Terry would EVER make a real entrance lol , but yes I found from page 235ish on wards he’s almost on every page from then on. Which also happens on the screen as we see a lot more of Jonas / Terry in episode 2 (and yes there is also a chesticle scene ;p )

Jonas does a great job portraying the at first glance, rather arrogant journalist.But we warm to his character a lot from the moment he helps out Paddy with the investigation and see that he genuinely cares for her. That last bit was a bit rushed in the episode but in the book it’s very clear Paddy isn’t just another lass on the list so to speak…

I liked the whole 80’s vibe really, being a great fan of ‘Life on Mars’ & ‘Ashes to Ashes’. I was almost anticipating ‘Gene Hunt’ as the DI in charge lol. But no seriously they did a great job with the soundtrack, the decor and of course hair and wardrobe! I’m particularly glad for Jonas to have been part of another high quality project, following on from the success of the Street (2009).

Scottish BAFTAS 2011 nominations & winners

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