TV Series

The Body Farm ( Series 1 , 2011 BBC )


Crime Drama

Series & Episodes

Series 1 , Episode 5 (air-date : 11 October 2011)


Director: Diarmuid Lawrence
Screenplay: Simon Tyrrell
Cast: Jonas Armstrong, Keith Allen, Tim McInnerny, Tara Fitzgerald
Role: ‘Nick Warner’

Filming Info

Filming: June 2011
Location : UK (Manchester area , England)


The team are called in to investigate the death of prominent human rights lawyer Richard Warner. He died in a fire at his home but it is not clear if the fire was set deliberately, so the team analyse the severely burned body without knowing the cause of the fire.

Warner had recently been visited by one of his old clients – Joseph Marial, an asylum seeker from Sudan, who had been deported a year earlier after he was found guilty of assault. Warner defended him, but was unable to get him acquitted. Warner’s son, Nick, is convinced that Joseph must be responsible, but there appears to be no proof.

In a race against time, Oggy, Mike and the team reconstruct the fire in their lab to try and establish more information about the fire that killed Warner. Their findings bring fresh evidence to light.


The show had a lot of potential to be the next ‘Bones’ meets ‘CSI’ but sadly it failed in doing so. Though I enjoyed the series , watching all 6 episodes, it did lack some serious ‘Oomph’ and bite. It was rather strange to see Keith Allen playing a nice person after 3 years as the evil but funny Sheriff of Nottingham ;p. The other characters in the series were well in lack of another word: very bland and dull. The backstories were there but sadly never explored, which is a shame.

Episode 5 was really rather good and not only ’cause Jonas was in it ;p. The plot worked and it had a bit more depth than in the other episodes. Jonas played the role of ‘Nick’ , the victim’s son, with Tim McInnerny playing his father. I grew up with Blackadder so I just cannot help it to see Tim as Captain Darling or as Percy :D. But in all honesty Tim really moved me with his performance.

The highlight of the episode was of course the old enemies being reunited : Robin Hood and the Sheriff 😀 Whenever those two were on screen you could really see the old chemistry (even more so while doing the caps!). Jonas had to play the role of a rather angry & upset young man and did this brilliantly! He maybe only had about a good 10 minutes or less screen time but his performance was fantastic!

Anyone thinking about casting Jonas for an acting job should in my opinion, replay his performance or audition tape at 0.12x speed or less! I did the caps at that speed and it’s truly A-MA-ZING to see the subtle changes in his expression by simply moving an eyebrow, his pupils, corner of his mouth,…truly fantastic to see 😀

The reviews in the press were mediocre , not bad but not outstanding either.
Radio Times Review

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