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Prisoners’ Wives ( Series 1 , 2012 BBC )



Series & episodes

Series 1

Episode 1 (air – date 31 January 9.00pm BBC One / HD)
Episode 2 (air – date 07 February 9.00pm BBC One / HD)
Episode 3 (air – date 14 February 9.00pm BBC One / HD)
Episode 4 (air – date 21 February 9.00pm BBC One / HD)
Episode 5 (air – date 28 February 9.00pm BBC One / HD)
Episode 6 (air – date 06 March 9.00pm BBC One / HD)


Director: Damon Thomas, Harry Bradbeer
Screenplay: Julie Gearey
Cast: Jonas Armstrong, Polly Walker, Emma Rigby, Iain Glen , Pippa Haywood, Natalie Gavin
Role: ‘Steve Roscoe’

Filming Info

Filming: August – December 2011
Location: UK (Sheffield , England)


Tiger Aspect Productions’ new BBC One drama series Prisoners’ Wives tells the story of four very different women, each struggling to cope with a significant man in her life serving time in prison.

Gemma, Francesca, Lou and Harriet are played by a strong and distinguished cast of female leads whose characters will clash and connect over the six episodes.

Emma Rigby (Hollyoaks) plays Gemma; she has the perfect life – a perfect house, a perfect husband and a baby on the way. Despite a troubled upbringing, Gemma finally has the security and love she always craved… or so she thinks. Her life comes crashing around her when armed police storm her house and arrest her husband on suspicion of murder. Steve is adamant of his innocence – but should Gemma believe him?

Steve Roscoe

Easy going, fun-loving and mischievous, Steve is great company.


He is also a family man, devoted to his beautiful wife Gemma and over the moon about becoming a Dad.

Finding himself in prison is a massive shock to Steve, but as long as he has Gemma by his side he thinks he can deal with anything.



RTS Yorkshire for best Drama


This is the second time Jonas plays a character called ‘Steve’. Not only that it is the third time he’s paired up with a woman named ‘Gemma’ ! 😀

Losing Gemma (2006)  ‘Steve & Gemma’ ;p
The Street (2009)  ‘Nick & Gemma’
Prisoners’ Wives (2012) ‘Steve & Gemma’  again LOL

Trailer Music:
‘Shelter’ by Birdy
‘Heartlines’ by Florence & the Machine
‘Skyscraper’ by Demi Lovato

Series Soundtrack:
Prisoners’ Wives Series 1 Soundtrack

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