Twenty8K – Promo & Caps

Collection of stills & promo shots from the film Twenty8K. A huge thank you to @twenty8K @formosafilms and the very lovely Martin (@nooclar) for posting all of these stills for us Jonas Armstrong fans to enjoy 😀  Also would like to say another big thank you to Matthew  @Filmfan1971 & Antonio from @Pyromag for taking the on – set pics of Jonas after I asked for some on twitter last year (once I read you guys were visiting the set) ;P

You can find some great HD Twenty8K stills on Flickr too! 😀

Disclaimer: As always no copyright infringement intended! Media remains property of AvPictures, Formosa Films, Martin Carr, Matthew Turner, Pyromag & Cine-Brittania / Showbox

Screen Caps

Promo Stills & Trailer Caps


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