Media & Interviews : Video

Finally got round to try YouTube Channel! 😀 All the trailers, video interviews will be sorted into different playlists according to the title, for much easier access to what you were looking for! Just play the video and you’ll see a little playlist icon appear on the bottom right corner. You can then browse all the videos in the playlist.

Not sure if it’s my browser or not but just to give you guys a warning: if the video doesn’t want to play in playlist mode, try to watch it on youtube as they do all work but sometimes they load with a serious lag. Sorry if that happens in your case.

Disclaimer: No copyright infringement is intended in any way by posting youtube videos. All material posted remains the property of their respective owners!

2006  – 2009 Archive

Click HERE to go to the archive (Robin Hood promo work , public appearances, tv interviews, The Street promo work and the CBeebies Bedtime Stories)

2011 Archive

Click HERE to see the 2011 collection of videos (The Glass house trailer, The Field of Blood trailer, The Body Farm trailer & audition tapes for Copper )

Hit & Miss  (2012)

Twenty8k  (2012)


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