Edge of Tomorrow – Reshoots


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aynik icon1If you were thinking Edge of Tomorrow had wrapped and was ready to go into full post-production mode, you’re not the only one!

Coming as a bit of a surprise, yet apparently Warner Bros. had planned these reshoots from the start.(Deadline) Maybe they needed some nice summery shots of London, to balance the snow and rain when they filmed the outdoors scenes last winter?

This is not the only piece of news as Jeremy Piven (Mr. Selfridge) has joined Tom Cruise, Jonas Armstrong, Emily Blunt, Bill Paxton and Charlotte Riley, filming those extra scenes. Piven will play the role of Col. Walter Marx.

The clip from Comic-Con hasn’t been released yet, and we still don’t know anything more about Jonas’ character, but the early indications are that it’s really looking good!

Check out Entertainment Outlook for more info.


Calendar Wallpaper – August 2013


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december 2012 icon How is it August already? Time has truly flown by this month – for me anyways keeping busy til often 3.00 am, working on the new site. Comic-Con 2013 was an absolute blast!!

One of the highlights of the year when it comes to geeking out LOL :P.  Great panels, lovely interviews and lots to look forward to this coming season TV & Film wise.

Shame Jonas Armstrong wasn’t able to attend, though Edge of Tomorrow did impress the film critics who were there, which is great! 😀

Walking with the Enemy is looking mighty epic, hoping a release date will be imminent as the trailer & website are amazing! Flyers to promote the film were handed during the SDCC so fingers crossed…

Went back to Robin Hood for August, hope you guys enjoy! =)



Walking with the Enemy – FINAL site & Trailer


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walking icon After a couple of months of waiting the all new and hopefully final website of Walking with the Enemy is ready! It looks truly gorgeous!

With the new website comes the long awaited new trailer, which makes you want to see the movie as in right NOW!

Based on a true story, Jonas Armstrong plays the lead role in this epic WWII drama as Elek Cohen, a man who risked his own life by impersonating a Nazi SS officer, and managed to save the life of many of his countrymen’s in war torn Hungary.

Walking with the Enemy also stars Ben Kingsley, Hannah Tointon & Burn Gorman.

Now the trailer is ready and site finished, hopefully they’ll be able to release the film in time for the 2014 Award Season! For that it needs to be released in the US by the end of 2013, even a festival is eligible according to the rules. So fingers crossed!

Thanks to @pixnprose for the heads up of the trailer! I admit guys I’ve been rather busy following 4 days of Comic-Con and with the whole 8 hrs time difference…long days! 😛

Screen Caps are now up in the gallery, didn’t add too many as most of the shots were used in previous trailers… 🙂

Edge of Tomorrow – All You Need is Kill has been renamed


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aynik icon1 Sci-Fi blockbuster All You Need is Kill starring Tom Cruise, Emily Blunt and Jonas Armstrong has been given the new title Edge of Tomorrow. Which does sound better. 😉

Warner Bros. released a full press release which you can read HERE

Important to know is that they’ve confirmed that they’ll be showing a preview footage of the film during the San Diego Comic-Con panel on Saturday 20 July! Really hope the preview will find it’s way on the official Warner Bros YouTube channel afterwards so all the fans can have a look.

I’ve the read the novel by Hiroshi Sakurazaka and it was a really enjoyable read with lots of humour and action. The time-loop was done really well, so looking forward to see how similar or different the movie will be.


ComicBookMovie posted some pictures of the costumes from Edge of Tomorrow. These are the army suits which Tom Cruise, Jonas Armstrong and Emily Blunt had to wear during the battle scenes with the Mimics. Looks very impressive and somewhat heavy! Know there was a lot of running involved wearing these suits…

edge of tomorrow costume

All You Need is Kill – Comic-Con update


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aynik icon1 Exciting news! 😀 According to Entertainment Weekly, All You Need is Kill will be part of Warner Bros. Movie Panel at Comic-Con. Hopefully they’ll be showing a trailer or preview clip, featuring some footage with Jonas Armstrong as ‘Skinner’.

A soldier (Tom Cruise) fighting a war with aliens (Mimics) finds himself caught in a time loop after being killed, and is forced to relive the same day and battle over and over again. Through training and experiences during the time loops, he becomes a better soldier.

All You Need is Kill will be released on 6 June 2014!

For more info about Comic-Con, you can read my article HERE (also posted a new still of the film, but sadly still no release of a promo pic with Jonas…)

Calendar 2013 – July


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twenty8kicon Summer has well and truly started! Hope everyone will be able to enjoy a bit of sunshine this month. 😀 Sorry about the lack of recent posts, but truth is that there was absolutely nothing to update on…

Best bet will hopefully be a trailer or scene in which Jonas will appear in during the San Diego Comic-Con with All You Need is Kill. Still waiting on any news coming from Walking with the Enemy, either a finalized trailer or new behind the scenes shots would be really good!

The Whale starring Jonas Armstrong as Owen Chase will possibly air in November on BBC One. That’s the only ‘rumour – news’ I can actually pass on at the moment.

However it would be really great if you could visit the updated website of TigerAspect, production company behind Robin Hood and Prisoners’ Wives!

So July… it had to be Paul Abbott’s Twenty8k! Been one year since the premiere in London so have to celebrate that! 😀

It’s a great urban gritty thriller with Parminder Nagra and Jonas Armstrong, so if you’ve missed it in 2012, the DVD and Blu-Ray is still available to buy as is via iTunes as well!



Robin Hood – Well almost…


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robinicon1I’m sure everyone knows the all new Coca Cola bottles campaign where they’ve printed hundreds of names on them and the game is of course to try and find your own! No luck with mine as yet though a few hours ago I did find these in the supermarket AND next to each other as well, which made me laugh. 😀 Robin ‘Jonas Armstrong’ Hood Coke bottles lol


Robin Jonas - cocacola

Exciting news – New Website!


entout03 I think it’s fair to say that everyone who knows me well, knows I’ve always been passionate about everything related to TV , Film and Art. So I finally decided to take quite a big risk and set up my very own entertainment news website: Entertainment Outlook. 😀

It’ still a bit in what I call the ‘demo’ mode as I really need to catch up with lots of writing, especially reviews to fill up the site a little bit more. Can’t wait to hear what you guys think of the idea and the site. Every piece of feedback is really appreciated!


Thanks for having a look and rest assured I’m not leaving the Jonas Armstrong Blog anytime soon! 😉

Calendar 2013 – June


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jonas t4 icon Finally Summer has arrived! Well sort of… 😉 Apparently we had the coldest Spring on record for over 40 years, so let’s hope June will be a bit more Summery than the Autumn of May.

Best of luck to everyone having exams! I decided to make a Ghost Squad calendar for June as I watched the series during my last ever exam cram period at Uni. And remember it was a very welcome distraction from all that studying! 😀